anpr camera enforcement

Automatic Number Plate Recognition 

How does ANPR Work?

Step 1

Entrance Time

The camera detect's cars as they enter and log's the vehicles number plate. It then sends the image, time of entry and number plate information to our back office.

Step 2

Exit time

The camera detects when the vehicle exits, then it takes another image and log's the number plate and time of exit, this information is then sent to our back office.

Step 3

matches records

Our back office then creates a record for the duration the vehicle stayed. Our system then checks the vehicle has followed the terms and conditions of the site.

Step 4

send notice

Once we have manually double checked and have the correct evidence for any breaches of terms and conditions, we then request the keeper information from the DVLA and send a parking charge notice.

What are the benefits of using anpr cameras?

4g camera install

We use the latest 4G ANPR cameras, which means we don't need a physical broadband connection or PC.

operational 24/7

Our cameras operate 24/7 meaning your car park is always secure and running to it's peak efficiency.

Cancellations & Appeals

We have a dedicated team that manage all appeal & cancellation request's on a case by case basis.

statistical reports

Access to reports so you can see how customers use your site which allows you to make better business decisions.


Parking charge notice's are sent through the post preventing any confrontation from happening.

no staff required

ANPR operates with no additional staffing required, which saves you time and money.

Integration & Set-up

Our ANPR system can sync and integrate with your current permit/whitelist system and most modern Pay & Display machines.

ANPR is great for “Pay & Display”, “Maximum stay” or “Staff/Visitor Only” car parks.

ANPR System Camera I Park Services

what we do for you

If you are interested in setting up ANPR get in touch with us for a free consultation and site survey.

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