no stopping or waiting

how does it work?

If you have a problem on your site with cars stopping, picking up & dropping off and waiting, we can install CCTV & signage for you, this allows us to monitor the CCTV and take images as evidence of motorists causing these offences. We then request the keeper’s information from the DVLA and send a Parking Charge Notice in the post.

What are the benefits?

This method of enforcement is perfect for sites with private roadway’s, 24h access required or near a popular drop off pick up point (train station, airport, bus terminal etc.) because it drastically reduces unauthorised parking and doesn’t require an expensive barrier system to be set up.

cctv & signage install

We provide full installation of the CCTV systems, cameras and all required signage.

operational 24/7

Our cameras operate 24/7 meaning your site is always secure and being monitored.

Cancellations & Appeals

All appeal & cancellation requests are managed by our dedicated team on a case by case basis.

free service

No upfront cost or service charge, we cover all installation, maintenence and legal cost's.


We send the parking charge notice's thorugh the post so no confrontation occurs.

CCTV monitored Remotely

The CCTV footage is manually checked by our trained operational team off site. All footage is stored securely.

what we do for you

If you are interested in setting up a No Stopping or Waiting site get in touch with us for a free consultation and site survey.

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