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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Can I discuss my appeal with you?
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Due to legal procedures we are unable to discuss your parking charge notice over the phone. All enquiries must be made in writing. We are however happy to answer any questions that you have regarding the appeal process.

What happens if I ignore the Parking Charge Notice?
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Failure to pay the Parking Charge Notice (PCN) within 28 days may result in your case being passed to our debt recovery agents, Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited (DCBL). Please note there will be an additional charge  added to your case once it has been exported. At this point I Park Services will be unable to mediate regarding your PCN. More information can be found here: https://dcbltd.com/

I think I entered my Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) incorrectly.
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Our Fair Use ANPR Policy allows for small mistakes when entering your registration mark at a Pay and Display car park. Our staff manually check each record and void the Parking Charge Notice (PCN) if an error is found.

Our policy allows up to 2 incorrect digits entered, if there are more than 2 incorrect digits it will be recorded as a non payment as we cannot match a valid payment against the vehicle. Therefore we will make a request to the DVLA for the registered keeper’s details.

How long do I have to pay a Parking Charge Notice?
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The Parking Charge Notice should be paid within 28 days from the date of issue. However, a discounted rate is available if paid within 14 days of the date of issue.

I am a Disabled/Blue Badge holder. Can I still park?
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Blue Badges give you the ability to park in the marked Disabled Bays in the car park if it has them. However, they do not allow you to park for free and the full tariffs apply at all times.

How do you get hold of my personal details?
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A company has to be approved by an accredited trade association (ATA) in order to access the DVLA database. This requires the company to undergo a full audit from the ATA prior to being accepted and then audited every year by the DVLA and the ATA.

What is our data protection policy?
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Click Here to read our privacy policy.

The PCN has been sent to my old address by mistake.
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We receive Registered Keeper details from the DVLA, and it is the responsibility of the Registered Keeper to ensure the address held by the DVLA is up to date and correct. Registered Keepers of vehicles need to ensure their address is updated not only on their driving licence, but also in their log book by completing a V5C form. https://www.gov.uk/change-name-address-v5c

The Pay & Display machine was not working when I parked.
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The terms and conditions still apply when the machine is out of use. You have the following options:

Use another machine if the site has one, or our cashless payment system.

Do not park in the car park without paying and displaying as you will be breaching the terms and conditions of parking. Please call our helpline or use an alternate car park.

Why did I receive a Parking Charge Notice?
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Your vehicle was found to be in breach of the terms and conditions of the car park, which are clearly set out on the signage displayed within the car park.

Someone leaving the car park gave me a ticket and I still received a Parking Charge Notice.
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Tickets cannot be transferred between vehicles. If you receive a ticket from someone else and use it to display, we will not be able to match a valid payment to your vehicle. Most of our car parks are monitored through ANPR which requires your full vehicle registration mark to be entered on the payment system. This allows us to monitor who has and who hasn’t paid.

When and how will I receive my appeal response?
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All appeals will be dealt with and responded to within 28 days. If you haven’t heard from us please contact us. We will respond to you in the same method we received your appeal, through post or email (please check your spam folder).

If you decline my appeal can I appeal further?
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If your appeal has been declined by the internal appeals adjudicator then you be will made aware of how to appeal to the IAS (Independent Appeals Service). All the information required to appeal to the IAS will be enclosed in your appeal response.

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