Our Story

Having over 20 years of experience in the industry, we noticed countless bad business practices and a lack of good customer service within car park management companies.

Here at IPS we want to give the industry a better reputation by providing a friendlier & fairer approach to car park management.

We have seen vast success with this approach and we have rapidly grown as a business over the past few years due to our fair and friendly approach.

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Why Our Clients Choose Us?

Our goal at I Park Services is to eliminate parking issues for our clients in the most efficient way possible, while still maintaining our exceptional customer service.

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Greatly Reduce Unauthorised Parking

Once we have installed and start enforcing parking restrictions, we usually see an approximate 90% reduction in parking abuse.

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Boost Car Park Performance

Not only do we prevent unauthorised parking, we find ways to increase turnover and boost your car park's performance.

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We Take A Friendly Approach

We like to build strong partnerships with our clients and create a mutually beneficial relationship.


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How Can We Help You?

You Have Received A Parking Charge?

If you have received a parking charge notice and would like to find out how to proceed please click the button below.

Need Parking Solutions For Your Business?

Do you need help with your car park? We provide complete parking solutions for free to eradicate your parking issues.

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