Airport Parking Management & Enforcement

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Do you need help with stopping unauthorised parking in your airport car park?

Making sure your airport parking facilities are properly managed is crucial.

Otherwise, it can cause the following problem:

  • Bad traffic flow
  • Poor customer experience
  • Reduce your available parking spaces.

There are a lot of solutions to help you regain control of your airport car parks and restricted areas.

The best way is to install an Airport parking management system.

We offer a broad spectrum of parking solutions that use all the latest technology.

What Is Airport Parking Management?

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It is where you set up a parking system that is best for your needs.

That could be a pay & display parking system, parking enforcement or a permit system.

Which system you use completely depends on your car park's needs.

Whether you have short or long stay car parks, reserved or emergency bays or no-stopping areas.

There is a parking system that can help control these.

We use all the latest technology and machines to make sure you have convenient parking at all times.

The Benefits Of Airport Parking Systems

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Putting the right things in place to manage your parking comes with many benefits.

  • More free parking spaces provide better customer satisfaction.
  • Allow customers to pre book and reserve parking spaces.
  • Offer free car parking space for airport staff.
  • Better traffic flow in your airport.

Types Of Parking Systems You Might Need

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To manage airport parking and traffic flow.

There might be a few different setups you need to manage it.

Airport Parking Lot (Short & Long Term)

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If you have short or long-stay parking the best way to manage this is with a Pay & Display & parking enforcement.

This allows you to charge people to park there.

You can install pay & display machines where people simply pay on-site when they arrive.

They can use cash or contactless payments.You can also use a pre book parking system.

People can pay on the computer or mobile phone and reserve parking in advance.

This provides a better customer experience.

They know they will have a space before they arrive.

Parking enforcement will allow you to enforce payment for your airport parking lot.

Those drivers who don't pay for the correct time of parking or don't pay at all.

Can then be issued with a parking charge notice.

This acts as a great deterrent to those thinking of not paying.

Drop Off & Pick Up Areas

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If you have parts of the airport where people are only allowed 5-10 minutes to drop off and pick people up.

You can manage this in a few ways.

You can offer this for free. Then use parking enforcement to send parking charges to those drivers that park too long.

The other option is using a mix of parking enforcement and pay & display.

You can charge people to use this facility.

If they don't pay or go over the allowed time they will be issued with a parking charge notice.

No Stopping, Waiting Or Parking Areas

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If you have roads or certain areas in the airport where you don't want any parking, stopping or waiting there at all.

The best solution to control this is using parking enforcement.

We can set up CCTV & ANPR cameras.

These monitor the areas.

Then we can issue parking charge notices to any vehicles that break these rules.

This is the best deterrent for these types of areas.

You only need cameras and signage in place to enforce this.

Free Parking For Airport Staff And Clients Etc

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If you want to offer free parking for certain people or authority to park in any area.

You will need a permit system as well.

This system will keep a database of all the vehicles you want to be able to park for free or wherever they want.

More About Our Parking Solutions

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We will explain more of our systems and they help airports in more detail.

Pay & Display

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Airports can charge for parking using pay and display.

  • You can use an online booking system.
  • Install pay and display machines

You can have a pay and display machine for each location.

If you have other services like valet parking you can offer this through your booking system too.

You can have digital signage installed.

Which will tell people if there is an available parking space in your car park.

This helps keep traffic flowing.

This system works and integrates with parking enforcement and permit systems.

Pay & display will increase parking revenue and generates extra income for your airport.

Enforcement will help you enforce the rules of your car park.

Then there will be parking charges issued if people don’t pay.

The permit system will allow you to let people who you choose park for free.

If you want to read more about pay & display click here.

Permit System

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If you want to allow certain people to park for free such as:

  • Airport staff
  • Clients
  • Certain passengers
  • Etc.

A permit system allows you to do this.

You will receive an online permit system.

Where you can enter the registrations of authorised people to park in your car park free of charge.

There are no paper permits to manage it will be dealt with online.

Parking Enforcement

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This is the most important part.

Parking enforcement allows you to issue parking charges to vehicles.

If they break the terms and conditions of your parking.

Some of the problems you might face with airport parking that you can issue parking charges for:

  • Not paying for parking or the correct amount of time parking
  • Stopping, parking or waiting in a no-stopping area
  • Parking in reserved or emergency bays

For any Pay & display areas of your airport.

We would issue parking charges either in person.

Alternatively using ANPR cameras to monitor these parking spaces.

For parking enforcement, you just need the legal authority to issue parking charges.

Which we have.

Then you either need to monitor the site in person or have ANPR/CCTV installed to monitor it remotely and allow you to issue parking charges remotely as well.

ANPR Cameras

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ANPR cameras can be used to carry out parking enforcement in your car park or private land.

They work by being installed at the entrance and exit of your parking facilities.

They read the registrations of vehicles that enter and exit the car park.

Then if there are any discrepancies with people parking and not paying correctly or being on the permit systems.

It will detect a parking breach and we can issue a parking charge remotely from there with the evidence from the cameras.

ANPR also gives you real time data about your car park usage.

This can help you make better business decisions and improve your airport parking systems.


When choosing the best set-up for your Airport parking management you will either need to choose A pay & display, permit system or both of these.

Along with using an enforcement system so you can effectively enforce the rules of your parking set-up.

We Can Handle All This For You!

If you need help setting up a parking and enforcement system.

We help airport operators find the best parking solutions.

We provide this service free of charge and take care of everything for you.

We have all the accreditations to issue parking charges on your behalf so you don't need to worry about any extra admin.

Contact us below using the form for a free consultation.

Found out how we can help your airport and you get you more parking space today.

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