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Do you have problems with parking in your retail park or retail store?

Are you struggling with available space for your customers or clients?

Setting up a car park management system will help your car park run more efficient.

We can install a car park management system for you in your car park.

It can be configured to your business needs.

If you want to charge customers or allow free parking for some or all your customers there is a system you can use.

There are two parts to managing your car park.

Car park management which determines how people can use your car park.

Then car park enforcement, this is where you can issue parking charge notices to drivers that don't follow the car park management rules for parking.

In this post, we will go through all the options you can use for car park management services and enforcement.

Car Park Management Solutions

picture of a retail car park

These are the different types of systems that create the rules for parking.

Which system or systems you need depends on your business needs.

If you want to charge customers or not.

Who you want to allow to park in your car parks.

Let's go through them one by one.

Free Parking Period

parking sign advertising free parking

If you want to set up a free parking period for customers this is the system you need.

You can set the free parking period to whatever time you like.

90 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours etc.

Whatever time limit is best for your retail parking.

The time will be tracked by using CCTV or ANPR cameras which we can install and manage for your free of charge.

This is the easiest way to monitor the free time limit.

Anyone who stays over the time limit can be issued with a parking charge.

This system can work alongside other parking management systems as well if you need it.

The benefits of free parking periods:

  • Discourages mis use of your parking spaces, which frees up more parking spaces for customers.
  • Gives your customers plenty of time to do their shopping which creates a better customer experience.
  • Easy to manage - you don't need to do anything.
  • Non confrontational - parking charges will be issued in the post so they won't know until the get home.

Pay & Display Parking

image of a pay and display machine

Pay & display is where you install payment machines in your car park.

You can also set up an online cashless payment system to work alongside it.

The benefits of pay and display for your car parks:

  • Generate revenue for your car parking spaces.
  • Prevent unwanted vehicles from parking in your spaces.
  • Offer refunds for paying customers if you want free parking for them.
  • Issue parking charges to people who don't pay to discourage unauthorised vehicles.

We can set up and manage this system free of charge for you.

Pay & display can also work alongside other car park management systems that we will cover next.

For more information about pay and display parking click here.

Permit Parking System

image of parking sign for permits

A permit parking system allows you to offer free parking to who ever you choose.

You simply just need to put the vehicles registrations into the permit system.

Then they will be able to park in your car parks for free.

The permit system is fully online and easy to manage.

You don't need to worry about managing or losing paper permits.

More benefits of permit systems:

  • Can work with pay & display so you can charge some people and offer free parking to others.
  • Can work with free parking periods so you can decide which vehicles are exempt from the free parking period.
  • Easy to manage - We can manage this system for you.

Tablet parking kiosk - Permit system

tablet parking kiosk

If your business requires it we can install a tablet parking kiosk inside your business free of charge.

This allows customers or visitors to enter their registration as they enter your store.

This is a good option for stores with a less volume of customers and smaller parking spaces.

The system manages it self and you don't need to do anything.

Then any divers using our car park that don't use this tablet can be issued with parking charge notices.

To deter non-customers taking your parking space.

Car Park Enforcement Solutions

parking enforcement solutions

Car parking enforcement is used to enforce the parking rules in your car park.

It works alongside all the car park management services.

We will cover the options you can use for parking enforcement in your retail parks.

Warden Patrols & Manual Ticketing

manual ticket parking warden

This is where a parking warden will routinely check your car parks.

We offer this service free of charge.

The warden will check for vehicles that aren't following the terms and conditions of your car parks.

Then issue them with a parking charge notice.

They take photographic evidence of the vehicles.

Then issue a parking charge notice in the post.

This way stops onsite confrontation happening as they won't receive the parking charge until a few days later at home.

They can also monitor special parking bays.

If people are misusing your disabled parking spaces or loading bays.

They can issue these drivers a parking charge notice.

This system works with all the parking management solutions.

It will sync with your permit system, pay and display records and free parking system.

This is so we can determine which vehicles are authorised to park.

The benefits of using this:

  • Prevent mis use of all your parking spaces.
  • Create more available parking spaces for customers.
  • The service is free of charge.

ANPR parking & CCTV Enforcement

image of anpr camera

Instead of having a parking warden visit your site.

We can install ANPR and CCTV cameras to monitor your car park.

Then issue parking charges through the cameras.

The cameras collect the photographic evidence we need.

ANPR will monitor all the cars that enter and exit your car park.

Along with taking photo evidence of this.

The benefits of this system:

  • It is the most efficient solution as it will detect all cars.
  • The service and installation is free of charge.
  • Prevents the majority of unauthorised parking.

Like the previous solution it will sync with your permit system, pay and display records and free parking system.

This is so we can determine which vehicles are authorised to park.

The only downside is you cant use this to manage a disabled parking space.

If you have these spaces you can use this system alongside a warden patrol.

Why Choose Our Car park management services?

We manage car parks all across the UK.

All of different set ups and requirements.

We have managed to solve the parking issues for all of these.

They have all seen their business improved with a better parking set up.

These car parks include retail car parks, city centres retail locations, shopping centres and other types of private land with parking facilities.

The other benefits of our service.

Fully Accredited

We are a approved parking operator with the IPC. Which gives us approval to issue parking charges notices and work with the DVLA.

Completely Free Service

We don't charge you anything for our service. It is completely and always free. We aim to take away all the admin as well to save you time managing your car park.

Cancel Any Charge No Questions Asked

Unlike other parking operators, if you want a certain parking charge cancelled due to a mistake we will cancel it for you, no questions asked. As many times as you like.

How do you get started?

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