how does private road parking enforcement work?

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1. Installation

We install the CCTV & all the signage you need on site free of charge and carry out all the maintenance needed.

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2. Monitor vehicles

Our team monitor the CCTV and capture images as evidence of the unauthorised vehicles stopping & waiting.

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3. Issue Parking Charge

A parking charge notice is then issued in the post to the registered keeper of the vehicle, once we receive the details from the DVLA.

how can parking enforcement benefit your business?

Once our enforcement is up and running we usually see a 90% reduction in unauthorised stopping & waiting within the first month.

This will drastically decrease traffic on your private land/road.

We provide a free full installation of the CCTV systems, cameras and all required signage.

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24/7 Operation & Security

Our cameras operate 24/7 so your road is always secure and running to its peak efficiency.

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No Staff Or Barriers Required

The CCTV footage is manually checked by our trained operational team off site. All footage is stored securely.

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Parking charge notices are sent through the post preventing onsite confrontations and needless distress.

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We Handle All The Admin

Your site is fully managed by ourselves; we handle all the paperwork, charges and appeals.

our frequently asked questions

What About My Staff & Visitor Vehicles?
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You will have access to a secure site portal, and in addition we can install a tablet parking kiosk to allow visitors to enter their registrations to your authorisation list.

How Do You Obtain Vehicle Keeper Details?
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A company has to be approved by an Accredited Trade Association (ATA) in order to access the DVLA database. This requires the company to undergo a full audit from the ATA prior to being accepted and then audited every year by the DVLA and the ATA.

Do I Need To Do Anything?
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Nope, you don't have to do anything! We carry out the full installation, legal work, administration and maintenance.

Can I Authorise Certain Cars To Park On-site?
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Yes, you will have a dedicated site portal manager you can communicate with through email to add any vehicles you need to your authorisation list, such as staff cars etc.

why you should choose our parking enforcement?

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free & fast professional installation

All equipment, groundwork, signage and paperwork will be installed and carried out by our team free of charge, normally within a matter of days.

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Massively Reduce Unauthorised Stopping & waiting

With this reduction you will be able to maximise the space on your private road and massively reduce traffic, which will help you provide a better service to anyone authorised to use your road.

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Easy Permit Management

You receive user friendly and easy to manage permit software which will save you valuable admin time.

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Free & complete Maintenance & Management

We handle all the maintenance and administration of running the enforcement service, saving you valuable time to focus on your own business.

get started with parking enforcement today!

If you have any questions regarding our services or you would like a free site survey we would love to help you.

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