Why You Need An ANPR Parking System?

Is your current car park management system working?

If you have any of these problems:

- Customers, staff and visitors are unable to find car parking spaces.
- Your car parks pay & display revenue is down.
- You want to stop people parking on your private land or car park.
- You don’t know who is using your parking

Then an upgrade to an ANPR system can help you reclaim your car park or private property.

Without ANPR you could be losing a lot of revenue for your business or pay & display car park.

Think of the average your customer spends in-store? is it £50? £100 or even more? Imagine your losing 10 customers a day due to improper parking management, that’s a £1000 loss.

A £1000 pound a day is a big loss and over the weeks and years is an even bigger loss which could potentially destroy your business.

This is where using ANPR parking systems can drastically improve your business and car park efficiency.

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Over 20 Years Of Experience In Car Park Management

We have over 20 years of experience in car parking management and have sites all across the UK.

We have seen and dealt with all different types of parking issues and efficiently solved them.

We reduced unauthorised parking on a client's site by 90% by installing ANPR.

Once we installed ANPR we saw an increase in revenue and the number of illegal parkers dropped.

What is ANPR?

It is the latest technology in the parking industry and the most efficient way method of car park management.

Installing number plate recognition ANPR cameras allows you to track all the cars that enter and leave your site by reading the vehicle number plates.

With this data, you can issue parking charge notices to vehicles that are unauthorised or in breach of your terms and conditions for your car park or private road/land.

It integrates and works with your current Permit system or Pay & Display set-up.

The system can be configured to the specific rules of your site.

Permits only, pay & display, free period of parking, parking at certain times or no parking at all. It works if you have a mix of these set-ups too.

They are also used by governments and councils to monitor roads, secure areas and potential legal activity.

Private companies and individuals are allowed to use these, however, need to follow the correct legal procedures to use them legally.

The Benefits of ANPR Parking Systems For Your Car Park?

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Maximise Available Parking Spaces

See a 90% reduction of unauthorised parkers within the first month of operation. Which free's up more car parking space.

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Cut Your Staffing Cost's

ANPR operates more efficiently than parking attendants as you can catch every car with the cameras, without needing to hire extra attendants 24/7.

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Parking charge notices are sent through the post, instead of placed on the windscreen. This prevents onsite confrontations.

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Expand Operation Hours & Efficiency

Our cameras operate 24/7. Allowing you to accept payments & carry out enforcement 24/7 without additional staffing cost's. It also acts as a extra layer of security.

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Increase Pay & Display & Business Revenue

ANPR cameras act as a great deterrent for unauthorised parking in your park. It encourages an increase in pay & display ticket sales.

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Happier Guests & Visitors

Improve your business. Having more available space in your car park allows you to guarantee parking spaces to more guests, visitors & staff.

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Save Your Admin Time

We provide you with a dedicated account manager and easy to use permit system. Don't waste time with car park admin again.

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Car Park Reports & Analytics

Learn how your customers use your car park. You will receive data & statistics on how your car park is used. This information can help you make more informative business decisions.

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How Does ANPR Work?

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1. Entrance Time

Cars are detected as they enter and the vehicle registration plates are logged.

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2. Exit Time

The same process happens when vehicles exit the car park.

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3. Validation

The back office validates if the vehicle is authorised to park.

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4. Send Notice

All unauthorised vehicles will receive a parking charge notice in the post. (All records are double checked.)

More Details About How It Works

ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition which means they can detect vehicles' license plates and send that information along with the images of the vehicle to your parking database or current permit system.

Simply put it is a special type of camera that you install on the entrances and exits of your car park, private land or roads that allows you to monitor all the vehicles that enter.

They use advanced algorithms and infrared technology to accurately detect all the variations of license plates, at all angles and in all weather/light conditions.

Once the vehicle has entered your site, they need to validate their stay, how they do this depends on your car park set up:

Pay & Display - Pay for the required amount of parking using the machine or cashless payment option.

Permit system - They will need to be on your approved list or if you have a parking kiosk in your reception visitors/staff/customers will need to enter their registration.

Limited free parking - They will need to leave before the free period of parking expires or pay for extra time if that is an option.

All of these options can integrate and work with each other it depends on the needs of your site.

What If the driver doesn’t validate their parking?

The registration number, images & times of entrance/exit, permit list and pay & display payment records are sent to our secure cloud-based parking system.

Our software then matches the records together and is configured to detect breaches of vehicles that don’t have the following:

- Payment for the full amount of time parked.
- Permit allowing them to park on-site.
- Have parked past the duration of parking with no payment/authorisation.

The records are then manually double-checked by our team and confirmed as breaches of parking.

We then request the vehicle's keeper information securely from the DVLA and issue a Penalty Charge Notice to the registered keeper's address.

We approved operators of the IPC and have the clearance to request this information from the DVLA.

Why Choose Us?

We Take Care Of Everything For You.

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Free & Fast Professional Install

All equipment, groundwork, signage, maintenance and paperwork will be installed and carried out by our team free of charge, normally within a matter of days.

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Dedicated Site Manager

You will have a dedicated site manger to help you with all the admin of running the car park and issuing parking charge notices.

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Fully Accredited Operator

We are an approved operator with The IPC. We have all the accreditation to issue parking charges and use ANPR cameras.

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Focus On Accuracy & Procedures

Sometimes ANPR is wrong however, our admin team double check all of the PCN's are cameras are fully optimised with the latest ANPR technology, so we avoid sending incorrect PCN's. This helps protect your reputation.

We are very pleased with the new system, I think it provides a clear view if the Carpark has been misused and enables us to fine repeat offenders abusing it after the initial transition period. It also allows for discretion if needed but is much more on our terms now.”


Pay & Display Service

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Who Do We Work With?

We work with and have an ANPR parking management system for all sectors. If you don't see yours below please contact us!

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Pubs & Restaurants

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NHS & Hospitals

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Retail Parks

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Managing Agents

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Motorway Services

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Private Roads

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Transport Locations

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Education Facilites

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Private Land

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Leisure & Tourism

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City Centre Car Parks

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Many More...


Maximise Your Car Parks Potential Today With ANPR!

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Our FAQ's

You receive the latest automatic number plate recognition cameras. They have the most up-to-date ANPR technology and are usable in a wide variety of situations.

They are reliable and accurate making them the most cost effective and low-maintenance way of running a car park.

Do I Need To Do Anything?
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Nope, you don't have to do anything! We carry out the full installation, legal work, administration and maintenance.

Is My Site Suitable?
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Most car parks are suitable for an ANPR system. If you are unsure, get in touch with us using the form below and we will provide you with a free site survey.

Will It Help Me Generate More Revenue For My Business?
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With the analytics you receive on your car park behaviour and the reduction in unauthorised parking, we help you provide an enhanced service to your customers and make better business decisions.

Can I Authorise Certain Cars To Park On-site?
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Yes, you will have a dedicated site portal manager you can communicate with through email to add any vehicle's number plate you need to your authorisation list such as staff cars, etc.

What About My Staff & Visitor Vehicles?
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You will have access to a secure site portal, and in addition we can install a tablet parking kiosk to allow visitors to enter their registrations to your authorisation list.

How Do You Obtain Vehicle Keepers Details?
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A company has to be approved by an accredited trade association (ATA) in order to access the DVLA database. This requires the company to undergo a full audit from the ATA prior to being accepted and then audited every year by the DVLA and the ATA. You also have to be accredited with the IPC or british parking association.

Do I Need to Provide An On-site Internet Connection?
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We install the latest 4G number plate recognition ANPR cameras which do not require an on site internet connection, making them suitable for all sites.

How Do You Make Sure Customers Don't Receive Tickets?
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We keep a list of authorised vehicles that are allowed to park on site. However if a customer or visitor receives a parking charge notice by mistake we can cancel immediately.

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