Car Park Management For Leisure And Tourism Industry

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Do you have businesses in the leisure and tourism industry?

If so making sure your car parks run smoothly is crucial to your business.

Having car park management specific to your business is important.

Otherwise, people will abuse your car parks and you will lose valuable spaces for your customers.

Making sure your car parks are only used by your customers is crucial to growing your business.

Every potential customer that can't find a parking space, is money lost.

Over time the cost of this can add up and harm your business.

In this post, we will cover all the parking solutions you can use.

All these parking solutions you can use with each other depending on your needs.

You don't have to choose just one.

Permit Systems

permit parking signage

If you want some people to park for free in your parking facilities.

Such as your customers, staff etc.

We can provide an online permit system for you to enter all the approved vehicles for parking.

We can also install a parking kiosk in your reception so customers can enter their vehicle reg themselves.

Saving you admin time.

What if you want to charge people to park?

What about the people parking not on the permit list?

The next two solutions will cover this.

Pay & Display Systems

pay and display ticket machine

The most common solution for leisure and tourism parking facilities is Pay & Display.

This option allows you to charge people to park.

The benefits of this system:

  • Generate more revenue for your business
  • Prevent unwanted people who don't want to pay and aren't your customers parking.
  • Easy to manage, we'll take care of the installation & maintenance of your machine free of charge.
  • No admin. Customers can pay themselves using the pay & display machine.
  • Accept cash and card payments.

To get started with this you just need a car park pay & display machine set up in your car park.

We can install and provide this for you free of charge.

We can set you up with an online payment system as well.

This means customers can go on a website on their phone.

Then pay for parking this way.

What about people we don't pay?

This is where parking enforcement comes into play.

Parking Enforcement solutions

parking charge notice on car windscreen

Parking enforcement is where you issue parking charge notices to people who don't follow the rules of your car park.

This is essential for the leisure and tourism industry as your business will be in a busy area with a lot of traffic.

With other local amenities nearby.

Naturally, this will attract a lot of people that will use your parking facilities whether they are customers or not.

Issuing parking charge notices to these people is the best way to prevent them from using your parking spaces.

How can we deliver parking enforcement for you?

Regular parking warden patrols

warden ssuing a parking ticket

Free of charge we will send a parking warden to your car park routinely.

While they are there they will monitor the site for cars that haven't paid or don't have a permit.

Then issue parking charges to those vehicles.

The benefits of this:

  • Prevent unauthorised vehicles parking
  • Free up more parking space for your customers
  • Boost pay and display ticket sales generating more income.
  • An additional layer of car park security

It's free and easy to start and set up.

We will take care of the issuing of parking charges for you.

We will get the legal authority to issue and patrol your car park.

All we need is permission from you to install some signage across your car park.

These signs will have the terms & conditions for parking in your car park.

Agreed and approved by yourself.

ANPR & CCTV Parking Systems

picture of anpr camera

If you don't want parking wardens in your car park you can use CCTV or ANPR cameras.

Using this lets us monitor the site remotely and issue parking charges in the post instead.

The ANPR cameras will be installed at the entrance/exit of your site.

It will read all the cars that enter and exit.

Then match up with our system and your payment records.

Then find those vehicles that haven't paid and issue them with a parking charge.

The benefits of this:

  • Catch all the cars abusing your parking facilities.
  • Non-confrontational
  • We install and maintain free of charge.
  • It gives you business insights into your parking, busy times of the day, returning vehicles etc.

If this is a good fit for your site we can help you get set up and started.

Why choose our parking management services?

car park aerial view

We help a number of people in the leisure and tourism sector solve their parking issues.

We did this by implementing effective car park management plans.

We've done this for businesses across the UK.

What we do:

  • Provide you with a dedicated account manager to deal with all the admin.
  • Have all the legal accreditations to issue parking charges.
  • All our services are completely free of charge.
  • Cancel any parking charge you like free of charge.
  • Full support 7 days a week if you have issues.

If you are interested in car park management use the form below to set up a free consultation with us.

We will work closely with you and get you on the right path.

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