How does a car park ticket machine work?

Are you struggling to find the best way to manage your car park?

Need to prevent unauthorised parking?

Want to generate extra revenue from your car park?

Car park ticket machines, also known as pay and display machines.

Let you accept payment for people parking in your car park.

The pay and display machines need to be installed in your car park.

Then once they are set up you can start accepting payments.

Those who don't pay for parking in your car park can then be issued with a parking charge notice.

If your car park suffers from heavy abuse.

This is an excellent way to reduce the problem and generate extra revenue for your business.

To issues parking charge notices, you will need parking enforcement.

We can set up the parking enforcement for you and do it on your behalf.

We need to install the correct signage on your site and get legal authority from you.

Then we can use parking tickets in 3 ways:

1. We will routinely patrol your site and issue charges manually.
2. We can set up ANPR or CCTV to issue tickets remotely.
3. You can issue tickets yourself and we will provide the software to do so.

The method you choose depends on your car park and situation.

We can help you pick the best option for your parking spaces.

The benefits of pay and display systems

Once we install and set up a Pay and Display machine, along with parking enforcement.

Our clients usually see a 90% reduction in illegal parking within the first month. If you are currently offering free parking it is a great way to generate extra income for your business.

It will also reduce unauthorised parking in your car parks.

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Pair With ANPR Cameras

If we use ANPR cameras to issue parking charge notices. They integrate with your pay and display machines, and we can see all the cars that haven't paid. This is the most efficient method of enforcement.

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Routine Patrols & Checks

We will routinely check your car park for any problems with your pay display machine and parking spaces. When we visit parking charge notices will be issued when necessary.

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Secure & User Friendly

We use secure and user-friendly Pay and Display machines. Which deters theft and makes it easy for your customers. We also provide cashless pay and display services.

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We Handle All The Admin

We have a dedicated fault line to help us resolve issues and provide customer service.

Pay and Display Machine FAQ

Can I Have Certain Cars Park For Free?
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Yes, you will have access to a secure site portal, and your own dedicated account manager. You can communicate via email to add vehicles to your authorisation list, such as staff cars, etc.

Can I Accept Card & Online Payments?
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You will have a cashless payment method that allows you to accept credit and debit card payments. We can provide you with on online payment system with Tap2park if you need it.

What model is the pay and display machine?
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The pay and display machine will be Hectronic. They are one of the leading pay and display car parking systems in the industry.

Who Is Responsible For The Pay and display parking systems?
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You don't have to carry out any maintenance or admin on the machines. We take care of all the maintenance and any issues or faults that occur. We can manage the admin with the payments for you so all you need to do is collect the money.

Do I Need To Do Anything?
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Nope, you don't have to do anything! We carry out the full installation, legal work, administration and maintenance. We take care of the entire pay and display process.

Do you provide the pay and display parking signs?
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Yes all the signage will be provided by us free of charge.

Why You Should Choose Our Pay and Display Service?

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Free & Fast Professional Installation

All equipment, groundwork, signage and paperwork will be installed by our team. Free of charge. Within a matter of days.

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Reduce Unauthorised Parking

By reducing of unauthorised parking. You will be able to maximise the space in your car park. Helping you to provide a better service and generate more income.

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Easy Permit Management

We provide you with user-friendly and easy to manage permit software. Saving you valuable admin ti me. We can also install a tablet kiosk for visitors/customers. To enter their vehicles' details on arrival into the car park if required.

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Free & Complete Maintenance & Management

We handle all the maintenance and administration. That includes running the enforcement service. You will save your valuable time so you can focus on your own business.

We are very pleased with the new system, I think it provides a clear view if the Carpark has been misused and enables us to fine repeat offenders abusing it after the initial transition period. It also allows for discretion if needed but is much more on our terms now.”


Pay & Display Service


Who We Work With?

Our pay and dsipaly set up works with any type of business.

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Retail parks

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Land Owners

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Private Land

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Many More...

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Get Started With Pay and Display Scheme Today!

If you have any questions regarding our services or you would like a free site survey we would love to help you.

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