Car Parking Management For Offices

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Are you having issues with the parking spaces at your office?

Do your staff keep losing permits?

Are the public or people from other businesses using your parking spaces?

This is why having the proper office parking management system setup is essential.

It can save you time and stress not having to manage your car park.

You can create a better parking experience for your staff and business visitors.

Parking Management Solutions For Office Car Parks

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Now we will cover all the possible systems you can use to manage your parking spaces.

All these systems can be used with each other depending on your needs.

You don't need to choose just one.

E-Permit Systems

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Instead of the headache that comes with using paper permits for your car park.

We can install and set up an e-permit system for you.

It's a parking management software that keeps a database of all the approved vehicle registrations that can park on-site.

This system has a number of benefits:

  • Save time managing paper permits.
  • If vehicles change, it takes a minute to change it on the system
  • Free to use. We don't charge you for this service
  • Allows free business visitor & employee parking.
  • Issue parking charges to vehicles not on the permit list

This is a great way to manage who can and can't park in your parking spaces.

Parking Kiosk

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Alongside your permit system, we can provide you with a car park kiosk.

This is an iPad that is in a secure stand.

Business visitors can enter their registration into this kiosk.

Then select the time they are going to be there.

This means you don't have to manage the admin of visitors' parking.

Pay & display

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If you have a lot of free space in your car park or you want some people to pay for parking.

Pay & display is your best option.

You just need to install machines in your car park ad you can start accepting payment for parking.

The benefits of this:

  • Generate more revenue for your business
  • Sync with your permit list and issue parking charges to vehicles with no payment or permit.
  • We install free of charge and maintain it free of charge
  • Simple and easy-to-use machines
  • Accept cash and card payments

We can also provide you with an online payment system.

If people prefer they can pay on a website on their phone or use a parking app.

If you still want to have free parking allocation for staff.

You can use this alongside pay & display.

What about people parking without a permit or payment in our car park?

We will cover how to stop this in the next section.

Parking Enforcement Solutions

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In order to stop people parking in your car park who shouldn't be.

You will need a parking enforcement system.

This allows you to issue parking charge notices to vehicles without a permit or payment (if you want to do pay & display as well).

This is the best deterrent for stopping illegal parking.

We can set this service up for you free of charge.

All we need to do is install signage with the terms and conditions of parking in your car park.

We can agree on the terms with you to meet your needs.

There are two types of parking enforcement.

Warden Patrols

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This is where a warden will patrol your office car park.

They will do routine checks and issue parking charges to vehicles that breach the terms and conditions.

All the need to do is take photo evidence.

Then we can issue a parking charge in the post.

Without needing to put a ticket on their windscreen.

This method prevents on-site confrontations from happening.

We can manage any disabled or specialist bays you have as well.

ANPR Parking Systems

anpr camera system

This is where we install ANPR cameras or CCTV in your car park.

ANPR cameras read all the vehicles that enter and exit your car park.

It syncs with your permit and payment systems.

Then it can automatically detect breaches of parking.

The benefits of using ANPR over wardens:

  • Catch all vehicles breaching parking terms
  • No on-site visits needed
  • We install and maintain them free of charge
  • You will have extra security with 24/7 video surveillance.

This is the most efficient method of parking enforcement.

Why Choose Our office car parking management services?

We have over 20 years of experience in the industry.

We manage car parks all across the UK including office car parks.

We have solved all the specific parking issues for these businesses.

We have all the legal accreditation to issue parking charges.

You don't have to worry about setting anything up.

We take care of the whole process for you free of charge.

How to get started?

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If you don't use our service we can at least put you on the right path.

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